Rings Only Shop Update

Since the start of MackBecks all we have wanted to do is make rings! We are so excited to finally have this offering that we are dedicating our next shop update JUST for rings! 


We will be offering BRAND NEW designs in a variety of styles and each ring will be one of a kind! Mackenzie had an amazing opportunity to take a few classes at the Lawrence Arts Center this January to further her knowledge in metal-smithing. Since taking this class, she has upgraded her studio to have a more advanced soldering set-up and is excited to offer more intricately crafted designs...which means RINGS!! 

Stay connected via on our insta @mackbecks to preview all our new pieces coming to the shop. Also! We are partnering with Sex Ed with DB for a  G I V E A W A Y so you’ll definitely wanna stay tuned for that too!

RINGS ONLY Shop Update will be on March 28, 10AM CST