Treasures From The Tree Capsule Collection

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This collection is largely inspired by my time spent on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. When you’re there you can’t help but notice the fruit trees. It’s as if the surrounding sea and the looming mountains are masters there, nature's reminder of who’s in charge, and then the fruit trees are their emissaries.

These, nature's messengers, beckon us to be good and do good, they provide a harmonious example for us to observe and live by. They show us how to grow and bear fruit. Next time you see a fruit tree go up to it and think about what you’re in the presence of.

I’ve visited with the fruit trees a lot over the last year. Their blossom is nothing short of spectacular to behold. It’s so obvious when you pick an orange from the tree, unwrap a linen package of figs on your mountain picnic, or gift a friend a pomegranate. Their weight, taste, smell, texture, color are all that of something we forget they are - treasure.