Italia Capsule Collection


The Italia Capsule Collection is a time capsule telling a story about my time spent at Residenza Lago Scuro last summer in Northern Italy. 

I had arrived at an intense crossroads in my personal and professional life, and the art residency in Cremona, Italy provided much needed serenity and inspiration from which I was able to collect myself and jumpstart a new chapter in my career and personal life.

 This collection is a love letter to myself, the residency, Italy, and to the idea of self actualization in general. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I enjoyed making it, and that it succeeds in softening you and brightening your life, as my time in Italy did for me.

TWO pieces from this collection have been selected to exhibit at The Venice Design Week this October: Elio + Oliver Earrings & Paradiso Perduto Shrimp Earrings.