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Notes on this Spring Collection

This update will include a variety of NEW designs, classic designs reimagined, and even illustrations that I have been holding onto for almost a year. This Spring Collection is very important to me. It is a body of work that I created for a craft fair that unintentionally became a catalyst to tighten up all the systems within my artistic practice + business

In doing so, I sought out to evolve my studio production practices and challenge new stylistic decisions within my design process. It pushed me to focus on engineering my classic designs more luxuriously. This manifested in borrowing from my past to bring untouched sketches to reality and give popular designs a new dimension to exist. I began to experiment by breaking down my current systems to figure out where I could improve and what I could leave behind. These new systems will allow my handmade business to operate with the highest attention to details, while also being the most efficient!

I see all of the pieces in this collection as a glimpse into the future of where MackBecks is headed and I can't wait to take you all with me. 

I hope you enjoy it <3


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