Edible History x MackBecks

All designs will populate here at 12:00 PM EST on Friday July 12th 2024.

Victoria Flexner of Edible History and MackBecks have joined forces to bring the expansive world of gastronomic history and the aesthetics of modern design together. The collection is inspired by the Edible History substack -- musings on food told through history and story. This collaboration is a testament to our shared passion for storytelling and craftsmanship, with each design in this collection transforming historical motifs into wearable stories.

From the coastal elegance of the oyster to the tropical allure of the pineapple, and the urban charm of the Anthora coffee cup, this collection is an enchanting blend of past and present, ready to adorn, captivate, and serve as a wearable conversation starter that amplifies the history and technique behind each piece.

We are excited to take you on this historically delicious journey of food and anticipate you joining us here on Friday, July 12th at NOON EST.